2023 Marketing Wrap-Up — Top News and Campaigns

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4 min readDec 7, 2023

Believe it or not, the end of 2023 is upon us. Even Spotify released their highly anticipated wrap campaign just a few days ago. Time flew by, didn’t it? In the same vein, we’ve gathered here to wrap up this eventful year and reflect on some of the most impactful and popular marketing news and campaigns. Perhaps some of you are still processing some of these moments… Personally speaking, we’re constantly fascinated by the ever-evolving power of AI. With new developments emerging almost each month, the anticipation for the upcoming year is truly exhilarating. Well, anyway, let’s dive in, shall we?

Catch the Highlights in Marketing News

The Grand Arrival of ChatGPT

We can’t say that we were gradually introduced to ChatGPT, at least not here in Bulgaria. Suddenly, everyone was talking about it one day — some even shared their screenshots on LinkedIn, discussing ideas with the AI system and attempting to implement them in their work. It happened incredibly fast! Wow! Of course, as a marketing agency, we quickly jumped on the opportunity to try it ourselves and have been utilizing it ever since! It’s not perfect, but it does help improve our workflow and automate some mundane tasks. Can you relate? Feel free to share your experience, too!

Short-form Videos Soar in Popularity

Have a question for you — have you noticed that social media platforms are slowly turning into an engaging sweet escape from your daily routine, rather than just checking up on your pals? Honestly, ever since the launch of TikTok, the short-form video format has been gaining popularity across various social media platforms. Last year, Instagram bid farewell to its IGTV app and embraced Reels. The competition is fierce, with the goal of retaining users on Instagram for longer durations, ensuring both user satisfaction and advertiser loyalty. In 2023, video marketing has witnessed a significant surge in popularity, and users have become accustomed to receiving information in a concise and entertaining manner. If your brand fails to hop on this trend, it risks falling behind.

Musk Bought Twitter, Advertisers Pull Out

One of the highlights of this year was undoubtedly the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk and the subsequent rebranding of the platform. However, these events were not as shocking as what followed. Twitter’s users were quickly confronted with a multitude of policy changes and controversial adjustments. The platform’s atmosphere underwent a noticeable shift, sparking heated discussions among its diverse user base. Formerly a platform championing free speech and safeguarding against propaganda and hatred, Elon’s X app has now become just that. The chaos is so enormous that many advertisers decided to pull out, which “previously made up 90% of Twitter’s revenue”. Not only did advertisers depart from the social media platform, but so did many users, celebrities, and media organizations. It makes us wonder — what’s going to happen with X next year? Feel free to explore more about this topic here.

Remarkable Marketing Campaigns in 2023

Coca-Cola Smartly Utilizes Gen AI

Earlier this year, one company embraced generative AI with open arms and truly stood out among its competitors. That’s right — it’s Coca-Cola, everybody. You must be familiar with their ad campaign “Masterpiece” that was produced with AI and human talent. It was developed in partnership with OpenAI, using their DALL-E2 generative image model and ChatGPT. The whole idea behind the campaign was to show everyone that there’s nothing intimidating about AI when used right, empowering creators with the most effective tools out there. There was genuinely positive feedback, which you can gauge by checking the comments below the video. Coca-Cola was perceived as a forward-thinking company, embracing and leveraging new technology to present itself in a progressive light.

Raise Your Brows for McDonald’s

When first seeing the billboards of McDonald’s ‘#RaiseYourArches’ campaign in Sofia, we were baffled because most of the brand’s campaigns usually feature burgers. So we were quick to find out more about it and ended up Lovin’ it. In short, it revolves around office coworkers subtly inviting each other to go grab a Maccie, without saying it — just raise an eyebrow, and that’s all it takes. Can’t deny, it’s a clever use of the brand’s distinctive assets, creating a craving for their tasty burgers. The campaign proved so successful that it has been replicated in over 35 markets since its initial launch in the UK. Good job, McDonald’s, you nailed it.

That’s Barbie’s Pink Year

The most anticipated movie this year was undoubtedly Barbie. The marketing around it was so incredibly effective that everyone was still buzzing about it months later. And there was one unmistakable element that shouted Barbie — the color pink. Spot a poster dominated by pink? It had to be about the upcoming Barbie movie! Random folks flaunting an all-pink outfit on the streets? They must be catching the Barbie movie. Without a doubt, it was a brilliant move by the marketing team. Not only did people enthusiastically join the trend, but even other renowned brands and celebrities hopped on board! Namely AirBnB, NYX Cosmetics, Uno Cards, Aldo Shoes and many more. The business social media platform, LinkedIn was on fire as well — numerous local brands and businesses were sharing their own Barbie campaigns, sparking even more significant interest!

Certainly, this year has been quite a journey in the marketing world, marked by creativity and innovation taking center stage. As we wrap up our 2023 marketing recap, it becomes clear that the industry saw a mix of trends, triumphs, and transformative campaigns. Whether it was the impactful use of generative AI or the vibrant return of distinctive brand assets, marketers explored new territories, making a lasting impact. We are eager to discover what 2024 has in store for us! Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in brainstorming creative campaigns together and making an impression that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.



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