2024 Marketing Trends — What’s on the Horizon and More

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4 min readDec 11, 2023

One thing is sure — next year’s gonna have a peach hue, and in the world of marketing, that means more than just a color choice; it’s a glimpse into the upcoming trends that will shape the industry. As Pantone unveils Peach Fuzz as the Color of the Year for 2024, marketers are set to embrace a palette that goes beyond aesthetics, signaling a shift towards warmth, connection, and a touch of nostalgia. Here you can learn more about the meaning of the colour. We personally can’t wait to see how next year’s going to unfold, considering the significant developments that have already taken place this year. Shall we take a good sneak peek, at least?

Increased Use of AI in Design and Video Content

AI tools and software promise to make creators’ work easier, faster, and smoother. We believe the initial fear that “AI is going to take your job” is fading as people recognize its power and the assistance it provides to its creators and beyond. Earlier this year, Adobe introduced a significant upgrade in image editing called Photoshop AI Generative Fill. Designers have expressed satisfaction with the upgrade, stating that it aids them in handling mundane tasks within their projects. The positive feedback is undoubtedly going to encourage more companies to introduce similar innovations. If you’ve recently purchased a new phone, perhaps you’ve noticed the integrated AI serving as a video and picture assistant tool, designed to make you stand out.

Social Platforms Aiming to be Preferred Search Engines

How many times have you rushed to your Instagram or LinkedIn feed to find out more about a place, product or service? It’s incredible, but people’s mindset about search engines is shifting towards social media platforms. It’s their first point of inquiry, seeking recommendations, reviews, and real-life experiences. The immediacy and interactive nature of social media provide a dynamic space for information gathering. Of course, the platforms are quick to notice that new online behavior and are already introducing subtle changes to improve everyone’s user experience. As social media continues to evolve into a primary information hub in 2024, the dynamics of online interactions and advertising strategies are poised for a transformative journey. You can delve deeper into this topic by reading this awesome article.

Micro-Influencers Set to Make a Greater Impact

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Pantone’s color choice emphasizes our desire for compassion, closeness, communication, and well-being. Consequently, we anticipate that the sense of community will strengthen in 2024, particularly with micro-influencers playing a significant role in bringing people together and fostering trust. Gone are the days when a vast number of an influencer’s followers meant automatic success. Instagram also acknowledges this shift and prioritizes content that’s engaging and brings value to its users. Therefore, it’s likely that in 2024 the focus will further intensify on cultivating authentic connections. We believe that by aligning with influencers who authentically connect with their audience, brands can tap into a more engaged and receptive consumer base.

Brands Urged to Increase Sustainability Engagement

It’s time more brands realize that sustainability is not a trend and it’s now going anywhere. Consumers are expecting more than ever from companies to show sustainability engagement and actually act on it. To be precise — in a 2020 McKinsey survey, over 60% would pay more for sustainable packaging. NielsenIQ found 78% of US consumers prioritize a sustainable lifestyle. If you have any doubts, we encourage you to conduct a simple experiment. Just stroll down any store aisle and observe the increasing availability of vegetable-based and organic options, as well as eco-friendly alternatives. This reflects a growing trend towards healthier and more sustainable choices. Brands that recognize and align with this shift are poised for greater success in the evolving consumer landscape.

Customized Marketing Strategies

Perhaps you’ve already noticed this yourself, but the ads you encounter in the online sphere are becoming increasingly precise each day. Now, imagine that marketing strategies are poised to become even more customized in the upcoming year, thanks to advanced technology, data, and analytics. Customers, in any case, won’t settle for anything less. What they are looking for is tailor-made experiences that not only meet their needs but also resonate with their preferences and lifestyle. Not to mention how competitive and complex social media platforms have become, given the surge in entertaining content and engaging interactions. Understanding these dynamics will enable brands to adapt their strategies effectively, ensuring a meaningful presence in the dynamic world of social media.

Well, that’s our take on the upcoming marketing trends. The year ahead promises to be truly intriguing, and we can’t wait to dive into the dynamic landscape it presents. As businesses gear up to embrace technological advancements, prioritize authentic connections, and navigate evolving consumer preferences, the key to success lies in staying agile and proactive. In 2024, the stage is set for innovative strategies, engaging content, and a heightened focus on customer relationships. Don’t be hesitant to reach out to us if you need a helping hand with your marketing strategies or seek advice on navigating the ever-changing trends.



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