Ditch These Marketing Phrases and Watch Engagement Soar!

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3 min readMay 15, 2024

If you work in marketing, you know how challenging of a task it can be to write a copy that fits all the boxes for your audience.We all want to craft messages that grab attention and turn browsers into buyers. But sometimes, even the best intentions can get lost in a sea of bland phrases. Ever caught yourself using terms like “industry-leading” or “thinking outside the box”? Yeah, us too. These once-powerful words have become marketing white noise. The best advice we have for you is to ditch some of the jargon and inject more personality into your marketing mix for best results! Continue reading to learn more on the topic.

5 phrases you should leave-behind in your marketing

“The best”

Bragging about being “the best” is like bragging about having the most glitter in kindergarten. It might sound good initially, but it lacks proof. Instead, shine a light on your unique strengths and value proposition of your product or service. What makes your product or service the perfect sidekick for your target audience?

For example, instead of saying “We offer the best customer service,” showcase your awesomeness with “Our dedicated support team boasts a 98% satisfaction rating and is ready to answer your questions 24/7!”. Learn more about the importance of specificity in marketing in this great article by Entrepreneur.


This term has become a meaningless buzzword in business communication. Frankly, it’s not very clear to many what it’s trying to say. Try to focus on clear, concise language that your target market can readily understand. Explain how your product or service works and the benefits it provides in a way that resonates with your customers.

Instead of “Our partnership will create unmatched synergies,” try “By partnering with us, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of industry expertise and connections, ultimately leading to more sales!”

“Thinking Outside the Box”

This cliché phrase suggests your ideas are unconventional, but it’s become so overused that it no longer holds the same effect. Our advice would be to shift your focus on displaying your innovative approach through your marketing materials themselves. Develop creative campaigns and visuals that stand out from the crowd, letting your work speak for itself.

One example is using a specific and intriguing approach to your headline. Try saying “Boost ROI by 30% with Our Data-Driven Marketing Hacks” instead of “Thinking Outside the Box: Revolutionize Your Marketing”. Sounds much more grabbing, right?

“Try it today”

While a call to action (CTA) is vital, a generic one is like a whisper in a hurricane. It lacks urgency and fails to motivate action. Try crafting CTAs that are specific, action-oriented and address the desires of your target audience. Consider offering a juicy incentive or highlighting time-sensitive offer to get people moving.

Ditch the bland “Try It Today!”, and entice your public with “Download Your Free E-book Now and Discover 5 Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business Like a Boss!”

“You Need This”

Let’s be honest, this approach sounds pushy and disregards your audience’s needs. It would be much better to focus on educating and empowering your target market by demonstrating how your product solves their pain points and helps them achieve their goals. Let your audience decide if “they need this” based on the value proposition you present.

Instead of “You Need This Revolutionary New Product,” try “Tired of Wasted Marketing Spend? Learn How Our Targeted Campaigns Can Maximize Your ROI.”

By replacing these overused phrases with clear, concise, and audience-focused language, you can craft marketing messages that resonate and drive results. Remember, effective marketing is about sparking a conversation and building trust with your target audience. The right words can empower you to establish your brand as a valuable resource and a trusted partner. If you need help with crafting an engaging copy, send us a message. We happen to understand how communication works, so we can be your partner in creating marketing magic that speaks volumes.



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