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4 min readMar 11, 2024

At Mindblow agency, we’re passionate about telling stories. We specialize in crafting creative strategies and designs that give brands a unique edge, helping them forge meaningful connections with their audience. When HRS Bulgaria, a leading HR company, sought to enhance their online presence, we eagerly embraced the challenge. Through strategic content marketing and impactful storytelling, we transformed their LinkedIn presence and established them as an industry thought leader. This case study showcases the successful implementation of our strategy and the remarkable results achieved for HRS Bulgaria.

Here are the results:

  • 11,702 subscribers to their curated newsletter, “HR Insider,” within 9 months.
  • 8,394 new followers on their LinkedIn page within 9 months.

Our approach

Content strategy is key

We worked closely with HRS Bulgaria to create a content calendar that addressed the needs and interests of their target audience, including business leaders, HR professionals, and job seekers. We focused on:

  • HR trends and insights: Sharing valuable information on relevant topics like talent acquisition, employee engagement, and workplace culture.
  • Business tips: Offering practical advice on how businesses can utilize HR strategies to achieve their goals.
  • Local market insights: Providing content specifically tailored to the Bulgarian HR landscape, showcasing HRS Bulgaria’s understanding of the local market and its challenges.
  • Event recaps: Sharing engaging posts highlighting key takeaways and insights from industry events and conferences HRS Bulgaria participated in, positioning them as active participants in the industry conversation.

Exploring different content formats

A well-thought-out content strategy is effective only when diversified across various formats. This is what maintains the audience engaged. Thus, we used:

  • Newsletter: In-depth articles on various HR topics published in “HR Insider”. Some of the topics that gained most attention were “How does Gen Z practice quiet quitting” ; “Tips on winning back boomerang employees” and “Reasons why candidates reject job offers” .
  • Carousel posts: This format is known to be more interactive than single photos, regardless of the social media it’s used on. What we did for HRS is create visually appealing summaries of key information that could be easily digested and swiped through, encouraging users to learn more and engage with the full content.
  • Videos: Engaging interviews featuring HRS’s experts discussing important HR topics or services, offering viewers valuable insights and building a connection with the company’s expertise.

Community engagement

The ultimate aim of any content marketing plan is to build loyal fans, and actively engaging with your audience is one of the most effective ways to do that. Here’s how we engaged with the LinkedIn community of HRS:

  • Regular posting: Sharing content consistently to maintain audience interest.
  • Responding to comments and questions: Promptly addressing inquiries and fostering discussions.
  • Participating in relevant groups: Engaging in industry conversations and building brand awareness.
  • Running targeted ads: Reaching specific audience segments with relevant content.


Subscriber growth: Our collaborative efforts led to impressive results for HRS Bulgaria. The curated newsletter, “HR Insider,” attracted 11,702 subscribers within 9 months. This translates to an average monthly growth rate of around 1,300% (important to note that this is a very high percentage due to the small time frame). This significant growth demonstrates the high value and relevance of the content we created for the newsletter.

Follower growth: The LinkedIn page itself saw notable growth too — gaining 8,394 new followers in the same time frame. This translates to an average monthly growth rate of around 933% (similarly a very high percentage due to the short time frame). This increase in online presence helped HRS Bulgaria establish itself as a thought leader in the Bulgarian HR market, attract new clients, and connect with top talent.

Increased audience engagement: Engagement is a key metric that shows how actively users interact with the content. We achieved a 5% increase in audience engagement on our client’s LinkedIn page. This means that, on average, 5% more users reacted to (liked, commented on, or shared) the content compared to before our strategy was implemented. This signifies that the content we created was not only informative but also sparked conversations and fostered a sense of community around HRS Bulgaria’s brand.


This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed LinkedIn strategy for HR companies. To sum up — it’s achieved by focusing on creating valuable content, diverse content formats, and active community engagement. Of course, all of the mentioned steps above could apply equally well to any other business operating on social media platforms, aiming to enhance its online presence and increase awareness. If you wish for us to help you with brainstorming and executing a strong online presence or come up with a killer creative strategy to raise brand awareness, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll gladly help you achieve your goals. Drop us an email here.



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